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AirSuite™ for housing

We’re helping housing providers ensure homes are healthier, more energy efficient, and more equitable.

Better housing, better outcomes

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It starts at home

Warm, dry, and energy-efficient homes are the launchpad for positive social, educational and employment outcomes.

We partnered with Hamilton-based charitable trust K’aute Pasifika to install 150 battery-powered sensors across 75 households in the Waikato region.

The data generated helps K’aute Pasifika identify whether issues are behavioural or structural, allowing them to educate tenants or advocate on their behalf.

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Dunedin City Council's passive house units

AirSuite is helping Dunedin City Council build powerful evidence for passive homes

Dunedin City Council is monitoring the energy performance and thermal wellbeing of each of its passive house units in Kaikorai.

The data captured by their AirSuite monitors allows Dunedin City Council to make evidence-based decisions and direct resources to projects that work.

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Delivering outcomes

We’re making more equitable housing possible

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    We help identify where issues are coming from

    Our sensors allow you to identify whether issues can be solved through tenant education, or if property improvements are required.

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    Monitoring made simple, no matter how many homes you’re managing

    AirSuite Monitor Portal connects entire networks of sensors and presents their data in one easy-to-use interface, enabling you to find and prioritise issues.

  • The AirSuite Monitor Portal displayed on a range of devices including a computer monitor, laptop, tablet and mobile phone

    We’re enabling both short-term and longer term environmental improvement

    We’ve developed the tools to manage home conditions both in real-time and in the longer term with our AirSuite Monitor analysis and dashboarding software.

Warm, dry, energy-efficient homes help improve positive social, educational and employment outcomes.
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Homes that are properly insulated, heated, and ventilated can boost school attendance rates and reduce the likelihood of health issues.
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Key benefits

Unlock the benefits of smarter investment, more efficient buildings and healthier people

Ready to install

AirSuite™ Sensors

The front of an AirSuite Glance device

New AirSuite™ Glance LTE

Recommended for schools, early childhood centres, and homes, AirSuite™ Glance shows the latest information and alerts immediately on its built-in low-power e-paper display, designed with clarity and simplicity in mind.

Glance runs on its built-in battery for 3 to 5 years depending on network conditions, and can be plugged into the wall to last even longer.

Meet AirSuite Glance LTE
The front of an AirSuite Sense device

AirSuite™ Sense LTE

AirSuite™ Sense LTE measures everything you need to ensure good health for your people and properties. With its cellular (LTE) Internet connection, it can be deployed anywhere at any time and we highly recommend it for its ease of installation.

Sense LTE runs on its built-in battery for up to 3 years, and can be plugged into the wall to last even longer.

Meet AirSuite Sense LTE
The front of an AirSuite Sense device

AirSuite™ Sense Wi-Fi

Recommended for research and scientific purposes, with super high-resolution data output, AirSuite™ Sense Wi-Fi measures everything you need to ensure good health for your people and properties, and transmits it all to the Cloud as it happens.

Sense Wi-Fi also supports expansion options, so you can optionally include a Particulate Matter (PM2.5 and PM10) or Carbon Monoxide sensor.

Monitor the data in real-time using the AirSuite™ Monitor App, or track the data remotely with the AirSuite™ Monitor Portal.

Meet AirSuite Sense Wi-Fi

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