AirSuite™ Glance LTE
Front of an AirSuite sensorAn AirSuite sensor being mounted on a wallThe box of an AirSuite sensor
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AirSuite™ Glance shows the latest information and alerts immediately on its built-in low-power e-paper display, designed with clarity and simplicity in mind.

AirSuite™ Glance sensors are the next generation of intelligent environmental monitoring devices designed to monitor the conditions in a wide range of environments, including homes, schools, offices, healthcare facilities, and early-childhood education (ECE) centres.

Each device is packed with a powerful array of sensors that monitor all important environmental factors including thermal comfort, ventilation, lighting, and acoustics. AirSuite™ Glance sensors have a wireless connection to the Internet and provide a live feed of sensor data securely into the AirSuite Cloud.

Powered by the Spark IoT network in New Zealand or the Telstra IoT network in Australia, and with 3 or more years of battery life, AirSuite™ Glance LTE devices are particularly suitable even if you don’t have full control of the power or network connectivity at the property where they will be installed. Alternatively, they can be mains-powered from a standard USB power supply or from a permanent (in-wall) installation kit.

Outside Australia/New Zealand? We’ve got you covered! AirSuite Glance is available worldwide. Our global network partnerships are enabling AirSuite customers to use Glance in many other places across the globe already, including the US, UK and Europe. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

AirSuite™ Glance is currently only available with LTE connectivity, as we think this is the best choice for most organisations. However, for customers requiring extremely high resolution data, such as for scientific modelling and reporting, we recommend AirSuite™ Sense Wi-Fi.

AirSuite™ Glance

ASCM1420 (LTE)

Powered by Spark IoT



  • CO2
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Acoustics
  • Lighting
  • Air pressure
  • Volatile organic compounds

Optional add-ons

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  • Particulate Matter
    Measures PM1, PM2.5, PM4, and PM10
  • Carbon Monoxide
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Installation options

  • Standard wall-mount kit
  • Tamper-proof wall-mount kit

* Battery life depends on cellular network conditions in your area, including signal strength (how close you are to the nearest cell tower, and obstruction from hills, trees, buildings and walls) and interference/congestion (other devices using the network).

An AirSuite Glance LTE device with a moderate signal strength is likely to achieve at least 3 to 5 years of battery life, as tested in our lab in Hamilton, New Zealand (RSRP -100dBm). We recommend connecting devices with consistently poor signal strength (below -115dBm) to mains power.

An AirSuite Glance device mounted on the wall next to some picture frames

AirSuite™ + Data Nerds = ❤️

A chart showing sound measurements taken across one hourA chart showing sound measurements taken across one hour
High resolution sound data collected by an AirSuite sensor over a one hour period.

All AirSuite™ sensors are built to capture data at the highest possible resolution, ideal for scientific analysis, without sacrificing quality or battery life. The data can also be exported in summarised forms, so you can choose the most appropriate resolution for your analysis.

Measurement frequency

The interval between when each sensor measurement is taken. These measurements are available in real-time in the AirSuite Monitor App.

  • LTE: Once per minute
  • Wi-Fi: Once per 10 seconds

Reporting frequency

The frequency at which devices send measurements to the Cloud (time between new data appearing in the AirSuite Monitor Portal).

  • LTE: Once per 15 minutes (configurable batch reporting)
    • Battery life optimised with intelligent dynamic reporting
  • Wi-Fi: Same as measurement frequency (immediate reporting)

Maximum Security

All AirSuite™ devices are designed to enterprise security standards, capable of receiving over-the-air (OTA) updates, and guaranteed to receive routine security and maintenance patches for at least 5 years. This allows us to remotely manage your devices even after they’ve been deployed throughout the country, and is made possible through our use of Spark’s brand new, high-bandwidth LTE Cat-M1 network for IoT devices.

  • Automatic OTA feature enhancements for 3+ years
  • Automatic OTA security updates guaranteed for 5+ years

AirSuite regularly undertakes security audits of our platform through an independent third party. Our most recent audit was completed by CyberCX in March, 2023.

An AirSuite Glance device mounted on the wall next to some picture frames

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Customer stories

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Shaping the Ministry of Education’s building management strategy

We’ve been working with the New Zealand Ministry of Education since 2017 to help them better understand the quality of the learning environments in Aotearoa and the impacts of environmental conditions.

AirSuite™ data from thousands of sensors, reporting tools and insights are helping to reshape the way investment decisions are made and how building assets are managed. The Ministry of Education’s wealth of data and understanding are now driving the creation of environments that better support learning and wellbeing across the country.

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