The AirSuite office, with our staff hard at work

Meet AirSuite

We’re a team of environmental specialists and engineers leading the way for organisations seeking to create better, more sustainable indoor environments.

At AirSuite, we’re building the environmental intelligence suite that industries can rely on to inform decision making and unlock the benefits of healthier people, more efficient buildings and sustainable long-term outcomes.

AirSuite was founded in 2018 by Dean Armstrong, CTO of Virscient Limited, to productionise the Classmate sensor that was originally developed through a Virscient partnership with the New Zealand Ministry of Education. We are New Zealand-owned, and our engineering and service delivery are based out of our office at Waikato Innovation Park. We are part of the Virscient Group, and share our office with the Virscient Consulting team.

We use our skills in IoT, wireless communications, sensor technologies, building science, web and mobile data visualisation, and machine learning-powered analytics to provide data-informed actionable insight to our partners, who have the ability to deliver interventions that measurably improve the lives of society’s most vulnerable.

We focus on providing services to industries where we can have the most impact with respect to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to reduce inequality and ensure healthy lives for all ages. In these areas we work with organisations that can translate the insight we provide into tangible improvements in wellbeing for the occupants of the spaces.

Our partners often include government agencies such as the New Zealand Ministry of Education, charitable bodies and NGOs such as K’aute Pasifika and St Vincent de Paul, and commercial entities like Cushman & Wakefield.

In addition to our team below, AirSuite is supported by our Technical Advisory Board, which includes University of Otago staff Dr. Julie Bennett and Craig Cliff.

Familiar faces

Leadership Team

  • Headshot of Peter

    Peter Pooran

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Headshot of Sam

    Sam Mathews

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Headshot of Brad

    Brad Christensen

    Head of Product

Behind the scenes

The AirSuite Team

  • Headshot of Nick

    Nick Dinan

    Business Development Manager

  • Headshot of Ben

    Ben Tanner

    Supply Chain Manager

  • Headshot of Alicia

    Alicia Smart

    Group Business Administrator (Virscient)

  • Headshot of Maria

    Maria Muller

    Group Finance Manager (Virscient)

  • Headshot of John

    John Mackenzie

    Lead Engineer

  • Headshot of Alessandra

    Alessandra Macdonald


  • Headshot of Michael

    Michael Irvine


  • Headshot of Connor

    Connor Gyde


  • Headshot of Alex

    Alex Thorrold


Calling the shots

Board of Directors

  • Headshot of Mark

    Mark Ingle

    Executive Chairperson

  • Headshot of Dean

    Dr. Dean Armstrong

    Founder/CTO, Virscient

  • Headshot of Kathryn

    Dr. Kathryn Hempstalk

    Director of Data and AI, Auror

  • Headshot of Lale

    Lale Ieremia

    Director, PCM Consulting Ltd

  • Headshot of Greg

    Greg Jarvis

    Founder, Bluelab

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