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AirSuite™ for education

We’re helping schools deliver better learning environments, reduce costs and prioritise investment.

Shaping educational outcomes

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It’s part of our DNA.

AirSuite started with a challenge from the New Zealand Ministry of Education – to create a sensor for monitoring indoor environments in schools throughout the country.

Three years later, the New Zealand Ministry of Education have now deployed AirSuite sensors in over 3,000 classrooms across more than 300 schools, with more sensors being deployed every day.

The insights enable schools to optimise their classroom conditions for the best educational outcomes, identify opportunities to reduce costs, and prioritise maintenance and investment.

Delivering outcomes

Making better educational outcomes possible

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    We’ve been working with the New Zealand Ministry of Education for 5 years

    With over 3,000 sensors deployed in classrooms around New Zealand, we’ve become instrumental in understanding the relationship between indoor environments and educational outcomes.

  • An AirSuite Glance sensor installed on the wall of a classroom, displaying a 'poor' air score

    We were founded with the aim of helping educational institutions better understand learning environments

    Our first ever sensor was developed exclusively to meet the needs of the New Zealand Education sector and was initially deployed in hundreds of classrooms across the North Island.

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    We’re enabling both short-term and longer term environmental improvement

    We’ve developed the tools to manage classroom conditions both in real-tme and in the longer term with our AirSuite Monitor analysis and dashboarding software.

Monitor thousands of classrooms

Designed for large-scale deployment

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    AirSuite monitors are quick and easy to roll out across hundreds of different locations

    We’ve built the AirSuite platform from the ground up to make installation completely frictionless, so you can deploy hundreds, or even thousands of sensors without breaking a sweat.

    For example, Aotea Group, a Ministry of Education installation partner, recently completed four full-school deployments in one morning!

  • An installer screws an AirSuite mounting bracket into the wall in a classroom

    For each sensor, there are only three steps:

    1. Attach the mounting bracket to the wall.
    2. Turn on your AirSuite sensor.
    3. Twist it on to the bracket.

    That’s all there is to it! You’ve installed your LTE-enabled AirSuite sensor. It’s already connected to the Internet through the cellular network, and pre-provisioned to start reporting to the Cloud straight away.

  • An installer uses the AirSuite app to finish installing an AirSuite sensor

    Complete the setup in the Cloud

    Everything can be pre-provisioned, or configured out-of-band through the AirSuite Monitor Portal. Installers can also use the AirSuite Monitor App to set the device name and location immediately when they are on-site.

Indoor air quality (IAQ) directly impacts educational outcomes and has been correlated with test score performance
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High concentrations of pollutants affect children’s learning by exacerbating respiratory illnesses, fatigue, absenteeism and attention problems
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Key benefits

Unlock the benefits of smarter investment, more efficient buildings and healthier people

Our Solution

A complete air quality intelligence solution built around your goals


We work with your educational institution to plan a solution that will make your goals a reality

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We develop sensor technology and the software to turn that data into action

An AirSuite sensor on the wall of a classroom

We can customise reporting and analysis tools, and integrate with your data to uncover critical insights, like how classroom conditions might be impacting rates of illness

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Customer stories

The New Zealand Ministry of Education logo

Shaping the Ministry of Education’s building management strategy

We’ve been working with the New Zealand Ministry of Education since 2017 to help them better understand the quality of the learning environments in Aotearoa and the impacts of environmental conditions.

AirSuite™ data from thousands of sensors, reporting tools and insights are helping to reshape the way investment decisions are made and how building assets are managed. The Ministry of Education’s wealth of data and understanding are now driving the creation of environments that better support learning and wellbeing across the country.

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Ready to install

AirSuite™ Sensors

The front of an AirSuite Glance device

New AirSuite™ Glance LTE

Recommended for schools, early childhood centres, and homes, AirSuite™ Glance shows the latest information and alerts immediately on its built-in low-power e-paper display, designed with clarity and simplicity in mind.

Glance runs on its built-in battery for 3 to 5 years depending on network conditions, and can be plugged into the wall to last even longer.

Meet AirSuite Glance LTE
The front of an AirSuite Sense device

AirSuite™ Sense LTE

AirSuite™ Sense LTE measures everything you need to ensure good health for your people and properties. With its cellular (LTE) Internet connection, it can be deployed anywhere at any time and we highly recommend it for its ease of installation.

Sense LTE runs on its built-in battery for up to 3 years, and can be plugged into the wall to last even longer.

Meet AirSuite Sense LTE
The front of an AirSuite Sense device

AirSuite™ Sense Wi-Fi

Recommended for research and scientific purposes, with super high-resolution data output, AirSuite™ Sense Wi-Fi measures everything you need to ensure good health for your people and properties, and transmits it all to the Cloud as it happens.

Sense Wi-Fi also supports expansion options, so you can optionally include a Particulate Matter (PM2.5 and PM10) or Carbon Monoxide sensor.

Monitor the data in real-time using the AirSuite™ Monitor App, or track the data remotely with the AirSuite™ Monitor Portal.

Meet AirSuite Sense Wi-Fi

Let’s talk about how AirSuite™ can deliver real indoor outcomes for your organisation today