The AirSuite Monitor Portal displayed on a range of devices including a computer monitor, laptop, tablet and mobile phone

AirSuite™ Software

We’re enabling immediate and long-term improvements to indoor environmental conditions.

Our solution

Meet the enterprise level environmental monitoring suite

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    One tool to easily manage all your indoor environments

    With AirSuite it’s easy to monitor environmental conditions and trends across your entire building network.

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    Provide confidence through improved visibility

    Share air quality metrics with building occupants in real time and improve confidence in the healthiness of indoor environments.

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    Get real-time alerts and long-term trends

    Up-to-the-minute alerts and recommendations empower occupants to improve conditions, and along-term tracking helps administrators plan, prioritise and forecast.

For building managers and administration

AirSuite Monitor Portal

AirSuite Monitor Portal empowers administrators with the oversight and visibility required to manage indoor environmental quality across an entire building network.

AirSuite Monitor has been designed with the needs of building administrators in mind. AirSuite Monitor Portal connects entire networks of sensors and presents their data in one easy-to-use interface, enabling administrators to find and prioritise issues, and build the evidence base to support remedial investment.

The AirSuite Monitor Portal displayed on a range of devices including a computer monitor, laptop, tablet and mobile phone
  • A screenshot of the AirSuite Monitor Portal, displaying live data for a sensor

    Connect indoors with insights

    Get quick access to live data from all connected sensors in one place. AirSuite Monitor Portal makes environmental data easy to monitor, analyse and understand.

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    Analyse long-term trends

    Use long-term historical data to identify risks to health and safety, people’s productivity, environmental sustainability and resource efficiency.

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    Prioritise investment

    AirSuite Monitor Portal has been designed to help administrators identify the most in need environments and build the evidence base for remedial investment.

For building occupants

AirSuite Monitor App

AirSuite Monitor App enables occupants of a building to monitor environmental conditions within their space. With up-to-the-minute alerts and specific recommended actions, delivering better indoor environments and higher levels of confidence is easier than ever.

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Key benefits

Unlock the benefits of smarter investment, more efficient buildings and healthier people

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