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AirSuite™ Consulting

We’re designing the systems that turn goals into reality, and helping organisations discover how better indoor environments can improve operations.

Planning services

We build systems that support decision making

We start with the outcomes you need to achieve and work with you to design a system that accomplishes your goals.

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Our team of environmental specialists and engineers can configure sensors, software, data and reporting tools to measure and report on what’s most important to your organisation.

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We build customised reporting tools, dashboards and visualisations that empower decision makers and contextualise information for the appropriate audiences.

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Access to raw data through our API solution gives you full visibility and access to real-time data straight from your sensor network.

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Outcomes enabled

We’re helping organisations achieve better outcomes

Talk to the AirSuite™ Consulting team to define your objectives and build a system to achieve your goals
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Learn more about how AirSuite™ Monitor software turns sensor data into actionable insights
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Key benefits

Unlock the benefits of smarter investment, more efficient buildings and healthier people

Let’s talk about how AirSuite™ can deliver real indoor outcomes for your organisation today